March on Washington

On Saturday 24th, 2013 I had the honor to be there for the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington. It was by a far a really amazing experience, easily over a hundred thousand people, primarily African American, all there to both commemorate this historic occasion and continue the right for racial justice and social equality. There were many issues with the right-wing liberal politics coming from the front that Dave Zirin does a good preliminary job of going into. I will say that when we were marching in our International Socialist Organization contingent with pretty radical chants like; “Black! Latino! Arab, Asian, and white! No racism, no more, no more. Stand up and fight!”, “Stop and Frisk. Tear it Down. Stand Your Ground. Tear it Down. The New Jim Crow. Tear it Down. The Whole Damn System! Tear It Down!” and especially “Get back, get back. We want freedom, freedom. All these dirty racist cops, we don’t need ‘em, need ‘em!” we were incredibly well received and many many people joined in our contingent because of that energy an radicalism. We were also some of the only people there that outright confronted the anti-choice reactionaries who came to the March on Washington to troll it with their offensive anti-abortion propaganda You can see this all in the videos and photos that I took below.

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I'm a socialist, an activist, a worker and an all around troublemaker here in New Jersey. You can find me on twitter @RedPleb
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