Call for an Ecosocialist Conference, April 20, NYC

conference poster

The Ecosocialist Conference

Saturday, April 20th 2013 @ Barnard College (118th & Bway), New York City

Suggested donation: $5-20, no one turned away for lack of funds. Free childcare provided upon request. Please contact to reserve or for more info.

Registration opens at 9:30am. Opening plenary at 10am followed by three workshop sessions and a closing plenary from 6-7:30pm. Post-conference dinner and drinks (unfortunately not included) immediately afterward.

Download the 11″ x 17″ conference poster (pdf)


Conference Schedule and Speakers

9:30 – 10am: REGISTRATION


10 – 11:30am: OPENING PLENARY

Why Capitalism Is Killing the Planet

Jill Stein, 2012 Green Party presidential candidate

Richard Smith, author and independent socialist


11:30am – 1pm: WORKSHOP SESSION 1

1) Agriculture and food: sustainable or profitable?

  • Fred Magdoff, Monthly Review, author and activist
  • Brian Tokar, Institute for Social Ecology, author and activist
  • Nancy Romer, Coordinator, Brooklyn Food Coalition
  • David Barkan, Profesor Distinguido
    Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco, Mexico

2) Fossil Fuel Divestment: Student Power in the Climate Justice Movement

  • Joe Shortsleeve, Barnard Columbia Divest
  • Hannah Forrester, ISO Columbia, Barnard Columbia Divest
  • Belinda Rodriguez, NYU Divest,

3) Free of Tar Sands and Fracking

  • Cecile Lawrence, Green Party of New York State, social justice activist, author
  • John Riddell, author, Canadian anti-tar-sands activist


1 – 2:30pm: LUNCH


2:30 – 4pm: WORKSHOP SESSION 2

1) The Fight for Indigenous Rights

  • Firewolf Bizahaloni-Wong, co-founder of Native Resistance Network
  • Brian Ward, ISO DC

2) Race, Gender and Environment Justice

  • Amity Paye, journalist who covered the Rockaways during Super-storm Sandy
  • Heather Kangas, ISO Baltimore
  • Abbie Bakan, author and activist

3) Lessons from Super-storm Sandy

  • Peter Rugh, journalist, environmental activist
  • Nastaran Mohit, immigrant rights activist and Occupy Sandy Health Outreach coordinator
  • Josmar Trujillo, Occupy Sandy activist from Far Rockaway


4:15 – 5:45pm: WORKSHOP SESSION 3

1) Natural Allies: The Labor & Climate Justice Movements

  • Jeremy Brecher environmental labor activist
  • Sean Sweeney, labor activist
  • Marty Goodman, Socialist Action, member of TWU Local 100
  • Bruce Hamilton, member of ATU

2) Carbon Taxes and Market Approaches: Can Capitalism Be Sustainable?

  • Daniel Piper, Socialist Action
  • Howie Hawkins, Solidarity, the Socialist Party, the Green Party of New York State

3) Both Red and Green: A History of the Green Left

  • Richard Greeman, ecosocialist author, teacher and activist
  • Josh Headley, Deep Green Resistance NYC



What is EcoSocialism and How Do We Get There?

  • Chris Williams, ISO NYC, author of Ecology and Socialism
  • Gloria Mattera, the Green Party of New York State
  • Joel Kovel, Ecosocialist Horizons, author and activist


7:45 – 11pm: Dinner and Drinks
Haakon’s Hall on Amsterdam Ave between 118th St & 119th St
There will be a limited menu of burgers, veggie burgers, chicken fingers and the like

Please check back soon for updates.

To endorse and participate in conference planning, contact

Supporting Organizations


The extreme weather of 2012 and recent news that climate change is worse than previously thought have made it a front-page issue again. The Obama campaign’s silence on the issue and worldwide government paralysis have added to activists’ frustration and fueled participation in’s historic February 17th demonstration and campus fossil fuel divestment campaigns. This has also opened the door to a more radical analysis of global warming and environmental destruction.

For a radicalizing and substantial fringe of people touched by the ideas of Occupy, an ongoing economic crisis and growing ecological crisis, they recognize that it’s not enough to limit your analysis to only fossil fuel corporations (though that’s a good start) or absolve politicians based on the lobbying power of those particular companies. And if that’s the case, then we need far bigger goals than just limiting their investment opportunities with college endowments (though again, it’s a good place to start). Ecosocialists must quickly offer a more holistic explanation that centers round the operation of capitalism and therefore helps to explain why Obama isn’t our ally and why we need an entirely different society.

Everything about the world is driving people toward a socialist critique of the ecological crisis and the need to form alliances with workers to take on the system, rather than Democrats and billionaires.

To that end, the Ecosocialist Contingent is hosting the Ecosocialist Conference on Saturday, April 20, 2013 in New York City. We are looking for groups who agree with the Ecosocialist Statement to endorse, build and participate. The conference, like the February 17th action, represents a move to a more collaborationist left. We hope this conference and this network of left groups and publications grow into something visible enough to attract thousands of new activists towards socialism and powerful enough to push the climate justice movement toward revolutionary conclusions.

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I'm a socialist, an activist, a worker and an all around troublemaker here in New Jersey. You can find me on twitter @RedPleb
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