Danny Katch – America’s Got Democracy

Video recording of Danny Katch speaking at the release party for his book ‘America’s Got Democracy’ http://www.haymarketbooks.org/pr/Americas-Got-Democracy-Ebook

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The 2012 election is a bummer. A loud, angry, expensive bummer.

In four years Americans have gone from hoping Obama could fix the country’s enormous problems to praying he can just hold off the Romney Ryan creep show. What happened?

The problem, according to Danny Katch, is that the real decision making authority resides in institutions from Wall Street to the Pentagon that are literally mad with power. In this raucous irreverent book, Katch diagnoses the various mental disorders peculiar to those who have way too much money and power — and the politicians who work for them. He shows how the very elections that are supposed to be our way of bringing about change have become a tool to get us to accept the insane status quo.
Combining a Marxist’s critical perspective with a stand up’s comic timing, Katch ridicules the fundamental assumptions of our political system from the perspective of one who is stuck like everybody else inside that system with no short term alternative.

For anybody with a basic sense that something is very wrong with the system, regardless of how they plan to vote in November, America’s Got Democracy! can help them maintain perspective, sanity, and humor during the silliest and scariest final months of the campaign.

* * *

About the author:
Danny Katch is an activist and humorist often accused of not knowing the difference. He writes a regular column for Socialist Worker.org, where he is often known as Danny Lucia, the name of his former jailer in Siberia.

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